What To Do After An Accident On The Freeway

Posted on : March 12, 2016
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While being in any type of car accident is frightening, a car accident that happens on an Alabama freeway can be even more so. Not only are you dealing with the accident that just occurred, but you also have to act accordingly in order to prevent another accident from happening due to fast oncoming traffic. Here’s how to handle an accident that occurs on a freeway.

Assess Injuries and Call 911

If an accident occurred at high speeds, there’s a good chance that you, your passengers, or the individuals in the other car may be critically injured. If you are able, assess your own injuries and determine whether you are able to move. If possible, get to a phone and call 911 as soon as you can. Getting the police, the fire department, and emergency personnel on the scene quickly is key after an accident that occurs on a busy highway.

Move Your Car and/or the Other Driver’s Car If Possible

If you and the other driver were not critically injured and your cars can be moved, it is a good idea to move them to the shoulder of the road so traffic can continue to pass. You run the risk of another accident happening when cars continue to approach at high speeds and aren’t aware that there’s an accident scene in front of them. This could cause matters to become much worse. Move your vehicles to the shoulder if at all possible.

Don’t Move Critically Injured Individuals

If anyone in either car was critically injured in the accident, it is important not to move them. If, for example, a person was ejected from the vehicle to the side of the road, do not move them in any way. You could cause even greater injury if you do. Use what you can in your car to establish a warning sign of sorts, so oncoming traffic can see and avoid the scene. Flares are ideal, but many people do not carry them in their trunk. Be creative and do what you can to make the accident scene noticeable without moving people who are hurt badly.

Contact an Attorney as Soon as Possible

When your car has been moved off the highway and you and your passengers have stable medical conditions, it’s vital to contact a car accident lawyer that can help you determine who may be at fault for the accident and if you’re eligible for compensation. At the Black Belt Law Group, LLC, we will fight aggressively to receive any restitution that is available to you. Call us now at (866) JTLaw-66.

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