Which Brain Injuries Are Common in Car Accidents?

Posted on : May 31, 2019

Find out what types of brain injuries are most frequently seen in car accidents, what type of medical treatment they require, and what you can do if you or a family member were the victims of a devastating car accident and resulting injury.

Closed Head Injuries from Car Accidents

One of the most common types of head injuries caused by car accidents is a closed head injury. This type of injury occurs without damage to the outside of the head — typically only the brain and spinal cord are affected.


A concussion occurs when the brain bumps the inside surface of the skull, effectively causing a “bruise.” Any blunt force trauma or rapid acceleration or deceleration can result in a concussion, but they’re particularly common in car accidents — even minor accidents or “fender benders.” A concussion will usually resolve on its own with time but in some cases may have lasting side effects.

Catastrophic Closed Head Injuries

The sudden acceleration or deceleration of a vehicle in a car crash can cause much worse than a concussion. A diffuse axonal injury occurs the same way, but the brain doesn’t “bruise” — it “shears” as tissue slides over itself. Unconsciousness occurs, lasting up to 6 hours or more according to BrainandSpinalCord.org, and this type of injury is a leading cause of death in people with traumatic brain injuries.

Open Head Injuries from Car Accidents

Car accidents can also cause open head injuries, particularly from automobile glass breaking during the collision. Open head injuries can be as mild as a few cuts to the scalp or skin, or they can be more serious and involve the brain. Simple open head injuries may only need a few stitches, while critical cases may require surgery.

What Are Penetrating Head Wounds?

A penetrating head wound is one of the most serious and life-threatening types of head injuries that can be sustained in a car accident. This type of injury occurs when an object, often debris from the accident or an object inside the driver’s car, hits the head at a high speed and penetrates the skull. The object may or may not also penetrate the brain. Penetrating head wounds require surgery and are considered a medical emergency.

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