Defending Sex Crimes in Alabama & Georgia

The term “sex crimes” actually encompasses a number of crimes, including rape, molestation, sex trafficking, incest, solicitation of a minor, and statutory rape. Sex crimes are a particularly complex and sensitive area of law, involving disputes around consent, age, capacity and other difficult issues. Rape and sexual assault are serious charges, and require a strategic approach to their defense. Since the majority of sex crimes are committed in private, there is often a lack of evidence to prove or disprove guilt. It is essential that you work with an experienced criminal defense attorney from the moment you learn of the charges against you.

Evaluating Your Case

The process of investigation and prosecution is a delicate one, and requires the assistance of a seasoned attorney who can help prepare a solid defense. There are many variables to consider, and a good attorney will ensure the positive issues in your case get considered. Let The Black Belt Law Group, LLC handle the interaction with the prosecution on your behalf, and give you a chance to clear your name. No matter what type of sex crime you are being charged with, The Black Belt Law Center, P.C. will provide you with the best defense possible.

If you suspect that you are being investigated for a sex-related crime or you are arrested and charged with one, you need legal representation now. The Black Belt Law Group, LLC has criminal defense professionals that you can trust and depend on to “Fight the Good Fight.” Call today at (866) JTLAW-66 or (866) 585-2966 to set up your consultation.