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John T. Stamps, III, or “Ivan,” as his friends and family call him, is a native of Talladega County, Alabama.

The son of John T. Stamps, Jr. of Alpine, Alabama, and Doris Cole Stamps of Bessemer, Alabama, he graduated in 1988 from Winterboro High School as one of the top students in his class, and was nationally recognized as one of the top students in the country. Soon after, he enrolled at the University of Alabama.

However, despite his achievements in high school, his first try at college was not so successful. Facing some personal obstacles, Mr. Stamps finally made the difficult decision to leave college and try his hand at a sales career.

In 1993, he began working in the sales industry before opening his own business, and despite his disappointment at not finishing his degree on the first try, this business experience proved to be invaluable to his personal success and his later law career.

This background provided him with a solid grasp of entrepreneurship and commercial relations as well as a keen understanding of the rewards and difficulties of business operation.

After enjoying several years of business success, Mr. Stamps again turned his thoughts back to his lifelong dream of becoming an attorney. His parents had taught him Luke 12:48 when he was a child and it had never left his mind: “To whomsoever much is given, much is required.”

With a renewed understanding of this verse, he began to see the blessings he had received in his own life and how those previous difficulties had led him to these new successes.

He realized that he had an obligation to continue working toward his dream for himself, for the previous generations and for those he could help advocate for in the future.

  • In 1998, he re-enrolled in college and graduated from Alabama A&M University magna cum laude in the summer of 1999 with a Bachelor of Science in Finance.
  • After graduation, he enrolled in Louisiana State University’s Paul Herbert Law Center, where he received a Juris Doctorate degree in May 2003.

After passing the Alabama Bar Exam, Mr. Stamps entered private practice to allow him to best serve his community.

He currently practices in Central Alabama, but will travel to counsel and represent clients throughout the states of Georgia and Alabama.

Mr. Stamps is a member of:

  • the Alabama State Bar
  • the Georgia State Bar
  • the Magic City Bar Association
  • the Bessemer Bar Association

He has been appointed to the Alabama State Bar Judicial Liaison Committee and is a member of:

  • the American Association for Justice
  • the Alabama Association for Justice
  • the Georgia Trial Lawyers’ Association
  • the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

He is also an active member of his community and church, Mount Zion Christian Methodist Episcopal Church of Alpine, Alabama.

Mr. Stamps is admitted to practice in:

  • all courts in the State of Alabama and the United States District Court for the Northern District of Alabama
  • front of all trial and Superior Courts in the state of Georgia

He is in the process of being sworn in to practice before the Georgia Court of Appeals and Supreme Court.