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No parent wants to receive a call that their child was harmed while at daycare. Daycare should be a safe and secure place for your child. However, every day there are children hurt in daycare settings. In some cases, an accident injuring your child may have been unavoidable, but in other cases the daycare will have been negligent in monitoring or caring for your child. In those cases you need to be sure that the daycare takes full responsibility for any harm that was caused while in their care.

Negligence in A Daycare Setting

Many daycares do not have the staff to child ratio that is legally required in order to properly monitor all of the children’s activities. A daycare employee could be responsible for providing care to several children at once, placing your child at risk. All it takes is a moment of negligence to cause irreparable damage. In these cases, you may be due compensation for your child’s injuries.

Abuse in a Daycare Setting

While you don’t want to consider the idea that someone at daycare may have abused or physically harmed your child, it is possible. If your child comes home with unexplained bruises, or seems unusually afraid to go to daycare, you should consider this a possibility. There are instances where daycares do not properly screen their employees before hiring. In some cases, employees with a track record of abuse and other crimes are hired.

If you suspect that your child may have been the victim of negligence or abuse at a daycare, it is important that you contact an attorney as quickly as possible. At The Black Belt Law Center, P.C. we understand your need to protect your child and will passionately advocate for your family’s rights in and out of the courtroom. We stand ready to help you “Fight the Good Fight,” ensuring that justice is done and future instances of negligence or abuse are prevented.