Juvenile Crimes Lawyer

When your child’s future is on the line you want an experienced attorney. Call John Stamps today for help. Juvenile offenses occur when someone under the age of 18 acts in a way that would otherwise be a crime if they were an adult. Crimes involving juveniles may be handled differently from those involving adults, including different processes regarding their privacy, different penalties, and different sentencing procedures.

In some cases, there are different laws that apply to people under 18, such as laws relating to alcohol use, and in some cases it is just the process for dealing with the case that is different. The Black Belt Law Group, LLC has significant experience with juvenile crimes, and we work hard to defend our younger clients against acquiring a criminal reputation.

Juvenile Crimes Need Experienced Representation

Some juvenile crimes are handled by the juvenile court system, such as with acts of delinquency like truancy. Often there is a pattern of delinquent behavior that the justice system will determine needs adjustment, and the courts will work with the youth and their family to correct these behaviors. More serious crimes may be placed under the jurisdiction of criminal courts, and in some cases a juvenile may be tried as an adult. Because of these particular types of procedures and concerns, it is important that you have a seasoned criminal defense attorney on your team in order to protect the rights and future of your child.

Finding Second Chances

Second chances are the goal with juvenile representation, with an emphasis on reform rather than punishment. Even with a serious crime, first offenders often have a chance to demonstrate their willingness to change their behavior. At The Black Belt Law Group, LLC our goal is to provide your child with the best defense possible while also highlighting any mitigating factors in their case like their extracurricular activities, their peers, and their education. When your child is arrested for a crime, we understand that you can be frightened for their future and unsure of what might happen next. We can help. Call us today at (866) JTLAW-66 or (866) 585-2966 for a consultation to discuss your child’s case.