Experienced Murder Defense Attorney

John Stamps is an experienced criminal defense attorney serving Alabama and Georgia. Call him today to schedule a free consultation and discuss the specifics of defending your case. Murder is defined as the killing of another person with malice aforethought, which can mean anything from premeditation to reckless disregard to committing a homicide in the course of committing another felony. Murder charges are among the most serious criminal charges, and the punishments are severe.

It is important that you work with an experienced criminal defense attorney in order to protect your rights and freedoms. There may be ways to reduce charges or reduce sentencing that only a qualified attorney will be able to see, and the sooner an attorney becomes involved in your case, the better the chances are of finding these defenses. Before speaking to anyone, including the police, call a lawyer.

A Custom Murder Defense: There are several defenses to a murder charge including insanity; diminished capacity, lack-of-intent or recklessness. Additional defenses are self-defense and defense of another person. A good attorney will bring those aspects of your case to light. In order to construct a custom defense, get The Black Belt Law Center, P.C. involved from the moment you are charged and we will begin formulating the best case possible.

Your Life Is At Stake

Your life may be at stake when you are charged with murder in Alabama as the state can choose to seek the death penalty. Capital murder cases have a particular procedure that is followed and you need an experienced lawyer to defend you at all points. There are two phases to a capital murder case, the first determine guilt and the second determines the sentence. You need a lawyer experienced in capital murder trials to protect your rights at all stages of the case.

At The Black Belt Law Group, LLC we are here to help you overcome this charge, protect your reputation and put your life back on course. The early stages of a case are the most crucial, and you have the right to expert legal defense from the start. If you or someone you love has been arrested and charged with murder, don’t delay and call us right away. The Black Belt Law Group, LLC has criminal defense professionals that you can trust and depend on to “Fight the Good Fight.” Call today at (866) JTLAW-66 or (866) 585-2966 to set up your consultation.