Medical Malpractice Attorney in Alabama & Georgia

If you have been injured due to medical negligence, you might be eligible to receive financial compensation for your injuries. When you receive medical treatment from a healthcare provider, you trust that they will care for you to the best of their abilities. However, healthcare professionals sometimes make mistakes or are careless when working with a patient. Severe injuries or even death can occur as a result. If you think you may have been the victim of medical malpractice at the hands of a nurse, hospital, family physician or surgeon, it is essential that you seek legal counsel as soon as possible.

Medical Malpractice Injuries

When a healthcare provider fails to treat you with the level of care they are required to provide, they can be found to have committed malpractice. Whether the negligence came in the form of an honest mistake in calculating drug dosages or willful recklessness intended to harm the patient, the effect on the patient is no different. Patients who are subjected to medical malpractice may have lasting injuries that affect their physical and emotional health, and their ability to earn a living. In some cases, even death may be a result.

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